A Lack of Petticoats

Hufflepuff . Earthbender . Saxhleel
Queer . Transgender . Catholic
Geek . Gamer . History Major

he/him/his OR ze/hir/hirs

Strives to be as anti-racist and anti-/de-colonial as it is possible for a white settler (Canadian) to be. Can always try harder.

If you don't take sides, you aid the oppressor, not the oppressed.

~ #GPOY | #Quotes | #My Cat | #History

Tendency to overshare and liveblog basically entire life.

Have a slight dragon problem. And a necromancer problem. And an orc problem, compounded by a non-Manichean fantasy world problem. And a Dark Harbor problem.

I will tag anything you require of me for blacklisting/saviour. Typically tag for food ('food cw'), eating habits ('eating habits' & 'diet cw'), alcohol/drugs ('alcohol cw' or 'drugs cw'), blood, violence/gore, genocide, and nudity & NSFW, amongst other things.